5 Lessons I’ve Learned From My Cross-Cultural Marriage

Visit for more related articles at Global Media Journal. This cross-cultural study explored the role of culture and gender in mate selection. Through content analyzing two hundred Chinese personal advertisements and two hundred American personal advertisements posted on Chinese and American dating websites, the study found that culture had significant impact on patterns of self-presentation and mate preference. More Chinese advertisers provided information on their physical appearances, health conditions, financial status, education, and morality, whereas more American advertisers wrote about their personality and hobbies. A similar pattern was found in their statements about mate preferences: statement about physical characteristics, financial status and morality more frequently appeared in Chinese personal ads, and statements about personality and hobbies more frequently occurred in American personal ads. Results also revealed some gender differences.

Love and Intimacy in Online Cross-Cultural Relationships

She was the featured speaker. When she learned that I was a therapist she asked if she and her partner could meet with me. At our first session she told me she was having second thoughts about starting a family.

The influence of individualist values and the changing cultural norms pertaining to dating and Dating and romantic relationships are a normal, yet essential, part of life during the Love and sex: Cross-cultural perspectives.

The exotic look. The ability to jolt you out of complacency and make your everyday world seem magical. But is the reality of a cross-cultural relationship as appealing as the fantasy? There, amidst close to students annually from over 80 countries and 25 US states, he witnessed many intercultural romances, which often led to challenging and enriching marriages across cultures.

In this YBTV interview, Joe tells entertaining anecdotes about couples who, despite or because of their cultural differences, succeeded in living happily ever after. Perception and Deception. The Pew Research Center found that 1 in 6 new marriages are between couples of different races or ethnicities. Hundreds of marriages resulted from this social experiment.

It was their inability to work with those differences.

My Advice on Cross-Cultural Dating and Relationships

Lisa Marie Bobby Jun 15, Dr. Georgiana Spradling , Dr. Georgina Spradling , Dr. As a marriage counselor and couples therapist l know that all relationships bring a variety of challenges and opportunities for growth. Cross-cultural couples can have vastly different relationship expectations regarding gender roles in the home , the role of extended family, how to communicate, and so much more.

Navigating the dating world alone an be tricky, especially when you’re pursuing an interfaith or cross-cultural relationship, says Nadia Hadid.

Cover photo courtesy of Jon Taylor Sweet. Your significant other not getting references or jokes about childhood experiences, TV shows, pop artists, and etc. Discussions about why the U. They are human beings. Having no idea what they just said. Saying something in your native language and feeling sexy.

I broke tradition and fell in love with an Englishman

I always thought and I still think that there is a certain magic in cross-cultural relationships. In this article, I want to talk about the benefits of a cross-cultural relationship as well as the things that you need to be aware of when entering a relationship with someone from another culture. As probably each of you readers, I love to travel. Getting to know the unknown. To learn a foreign language, taste new food and take over some of the daily habits and beliefs that form the foreign culture and peoples realities.

Relationships always take work, but when you and your significant other come from different cultural backgrounds, it often adds an extra layer of challenges.

I was born in Louisiana, grew up in rural Georgia, and moved abroad to Australia in The plan was to stay for a year, to work as an au pair while interning with a global non-profit, and then to go home with a career path for my future. The plan was not to meet someone six weeks into the trip. Like most other couples, we got a lot of marriage advice. Some of it was solicited, and some, we politely smiled at before secretly rolling our eyes.

We faced challenges that other couples never have to think about, and some things that other newlyweds struggle with came easily for us. It takes a long time to achieve dual citizenship, and until then, I get to live here on different types of partner visas. These visas grant me access to things like healthcare and job opportunities, but they also have to be updated whenever we move, if I get a new passport, and when we have children.

Mounds of paperwork, receipts, pictures, and letters from family and friends later, we now know better than to take for granted the privilege of living together. Sharing a home can be an adjustment for newlyweds, sure, but for us? Starting a relationship with someone from a different country meant that, from the beginning, we were incredibly upfront about our intentions and expectations.

Cross-cultural relationships

Relationships are never easy. Every day you wake up and you make it work through every conversation and action. When you are both from different cultures this adds a new dimension. We met online in on desktop, the old-fashioned way. After five years of being on Tamil matrimony and Shaadi.

Finding common ground in a cross-cultural relationship. A man smiles for a portrait in front of a plain background, and reflects on. John Leha met.

Once upon a time when I was a wee little grad student, my plan was to specialize in working with individuals and couples in cross-cultural relationships. Since then, my specialties have expanded quite a bit, but I still love navigating the nuances that come up in diverse relationships. For individuals who immigrated from the same country, the difference could be whether they were first-, second-, or third-generation immigrants, what part of the country or city they moved from, age of immigration, religious differences, language proficiency, etc.

Even for those raised within the U. This list barely touches the surface. My point is, there are a wide array of shapes and forms cross-cultural relationships can take. Is a Difference Unhealthy, or Just Cultural? If we dive further into this question, things start to fall apart quickly. To start: what is culture? I appreciate the second half of this definition because it illuminates that we all have our own systems of cultural values, even within smaller circles of family and friends.

Therefore, all of our behavior patterns — healthy or not — can likely be tied to culture in some way or another. Are there pieces from your background worth keeping?

14 Beautiful Experiences That Make Your Cross-Cultural Relationship Truly Special

Have you ever dated someone outside of your ethnicity? What was that experience like for you? In the tension of our differences, we get to engage the rich diversity of humanity. However, dating a person of a different culture can also trigger conflict and present unique challenges for how to connect. Chanel and Jennifer previously worked together by hosting racial reconciliation workshops around New York City.

to Jennifer Chen, clinical psychologist, about cross-cultural dating and how to establish healthy communication patterns in all relationships.

December 20, Comments Off. But there can be culture clashes and The Parents. But there might be a few added complications in getting to know them. Often, people will judge you on their stereotypes about your culture, without really knowing you. Stereotypes are often negative. In some communities, people might have to be introduced to each other by their families or community elders.

Older people might have to give their approval for the couple to get together in a relationship. They may have to get to know each other in the company of older people, or even wait for their marriage to be arranged by their family. Negotiations might be complicated by dowry arrangements between families, and religious ceremonies. But of course there can be difficulties and disappointments too.

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